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Hey friends ~


Some of you who have found yourself here have likely just completed the February Self Love Yoga & Meditation 15 Day Challenge. If you have and you're here and you're back for more - RIGHT ON! 


So this one's gonna work a little bit differently. This one is designed to be a spring cleanse if you will. The practices will be simple and accessible to all levels but also designed to stoke an internal fire. The yoga will be progressive and offered in such a way that is offering up an opportunity to 'wring things out.' The meditations will be grounding to help secure you to the earth when things get stirred up with the intention of moving them out. The journal prompts will provide an opportunity for reflection to help clear out the mental cobwebs. And there're more...


Here's what you'll get: 

  • A weekly 35-minute yoga class

    • designed to help you grow and clear out the 'gunk' if practiced three times in that week or more

  • Bi-weekly guided meditations

    • that are classic, timeless and can be done again and again

  • A daily journal prompt

    • aimed to help you reflect, dig deep and get that stuff out of your head!

  • A few inspiring healthy gf and df (gluten-free and dairy-free) recipes to help support your system

  • Access to our exclusive online Facebook group where we'll gather, motivate one another and chat

  • The offering of a one-on-one 'yoga assessment' by me at half the price

  • A sweet little discount on a private yoga package or teacher mentorship program, should you wish to take advantage

**Just added, BONUS Tutorials:

  • Downward Dog Breakdown

  • How to Choose the Right Vinyasa for You


Investment in yourself:


Nelson, BC, Canada

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