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SUP Yoga Teacher Training Participant & Mentee - Michele Shorter

SUP Yoga Teacher Training Participant - Jen Wyles

Therapeutic Yoga for Chronic Pain - Ron Cullen

SUP Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Jen is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced instructor. She was able to explain things in easy to understand terms and provided a supportive and fun environment that helped with ease of learning. I'm confident that with the training Jen provided I can safely and effectively lead others in SUP Yoga. Looking at the skills I developed over the weekend I'm surprised at how much she was able to fit into a weekend while still ensuring we grasped the information. I had never been on a SUP prior to this weekend and Jen did an excellent job of meeting each student where they were without pressure. I can't recommend Jen and her SUP Yoga training enough!


~ Danielle Allen


This training was exactly what was outlined plus so much more! Jen has a real grasp of what it takes to provide a well-rounded training and makes herself available for support even after the training dates have needed. She draws from her years of experience to provide everything you will need to know to confidently embark on your own paddleboard journey. This training was unlike other trainings for SUP that I have attended because it is truly a catalyst for setting a high standard in teacher trainings that cover practicing and teaching in a safe, fun, and effective manner. This is without a question the training to attend if you would like to further your knowledge, your skill set, and gain confidence to teach in a SUP setting.


~ Jen Wyles

Jen was the perfect teacher for my SUP yoga teacher training. The schedule was balanced with learning, fun & adventure. (the perfect combination for an adult learning style). This was a fun element to add to my yoga teacher repertoire that will be useful at my retreats & events.

~ SUP Yoga Teacher Training Participant

Progressive Series Yoga Testimonials

Just wanted to say thank you for a great class tonight - it was an excellent combination of challenging, invigorating and grounding - and for another great course overall. I'm looking forward to starting peak poses next week!

Also sorry for being all 'waaaah' the moment I walked into the class! It's been a very stressful couple of weeks, but practice tonight really helped me to get out of my head, and I came away feeling so much better than 90 minutes earlier. And the poem at the really resonated with me...which I think you were probably aware of too... So thank you.

~ Samantha Holder (Vinyasa for Beginners Progressive Series)

I also just wanted to mention how much I've enjoyed the past few weeks. Each class has had such a positive impact on me - in the past, I've always fallen into the trap of not just comparing my practice to those around me, but to whatever arbitrary expectation I've imposed on myself. It's the first time that I've truly been able to put aside my own self-judgment/fear of looking stupid or embarrassing myself, and really just have the space to connect with myself in a kind and compassionate way. So, thank you for that experience :)


~ Leya (Vinyasa for Beginners Progressive Series)



Jen’s teaching style is warm and inclusive, and she made my partner and I feel welcome and comfortable that as older adults Vinyasa is an accessible and safe practice for us now and in the future. We appreciated the knowledgeable instruction and the options offered for the various levels of students’ abilities. I think Jen’s beginners’ workshop is the perfect entry point for anyone new to yoga.


~ Valeria Gibbs (Vinyasa for Beginners Progressive Series)


Jen is an amazing teacher. She has a passion for safety and integrity in her practice that I found incredibly valuable. Her feedback was constructive, positive and respectful. The most important thing I learned in her class was that if you are trying something new, learn how to do it correctly and with strength first. She has inspired me to strive to live this life well. Thank you so much!


~ Tammy (Vinyasa for Beginners Progressive Series)


Thank you once again for a wonderful series. I have felt my confidence and knowledge of the Vinyasa yoga practice develop so much with you over the last few months. Your teaching style and generosity of knowledge sharing with q&a, homework, and your newsletters, and after-class chats have been fundamental to my progression. I have enjoyed each and every one of your classes, and always come away feeling great. Your mantra of 'shoulders relaxed, front ribs back, tailbone down, breathe' has been seeping into my every day too: when I'm standing at the checkout, or hunched over my computer I keep this in mind and realign. So I feel like you, your classes and now my own yoga practice is positively influencing my daily life. Thank you - it's been great!


~ Jennifer (Vinyasa for Beginners Progressive Series)


I am now on my fourth beginner's workshop with Jen, which is a testimony to what an engaging, inspirational and wonderful teacher she is. As somebody who lacks confidence and likes to understand the intricacies of any activities I do, Jen's workshops and teaching style have allowed me to build a solid understanding of the basics of Vinyasa yoga to prepare me for my ongoing practice. After many years of attempting different yoga classes and teachers, none of which held my attention or made me feel that I was following properly, I am so grateful to have found Jen! Her teaching style is open, clear, and kind, and the classes always seem to be a unique blend of challenging, invigorating and relaxing. I always leave feeling brighter and walking taller. Thank you, Jen!


~ Sam (Vinyasa for Beginners Progressive Series)



These workshops helped me understand how to challenge myself and perform safely the movements I was shy to perform in my yoga classes. It gave me great confidence. I absolutely recommend it!


~ Pierre-Luc (Peak Poses Deconstructed Progressive Series)


The series of classes was extremely helpful in learning to do postures correctly in a supportive way. The value of yoga was especially enhanced and created the desire to and learn more. Thank-you. You are a gifted teacher.


~ Elaine (Vinyasa for Beginners Progressive Series)

Nelson, BC, Canada

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