So you’ve graduated from your yoga teacher training, starry-eyed and eager to dive into teaching, but there’s one problem: you’re filled with self-doubt.
Thoughts of “Who am I to be a yoga teacher?” take residence in your mind, and you’re gripped by fear. You’re scared to start teaching, but even more afraid to not start teaching.
You’re hungry to learn more and improve your confidence, and you wish you could have ongoing support from a mentor.
Although you want more training, you’re wary of investing in another expensive round of education. 
But what if there was a financially-feasible mentorship program for you to further your skills, gain support, and learn exactly what you’re seeking improvement on? And what if that accessible program also gave back to the community?

 An eight-week yoga teacher mentorship for you, newly-graduated teacher, at a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.

 If that isn’t reason enough to sign up, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the OmWork Project, a non-profit that raises funds to send a young womxn to a yoga teacher training of their choice.


Once the trainee has completed their training, they can apply for Pay it Forward mentorship as the next step, allowing it to become a cyclical, pay-it-forward process.

 How this program will help you:

 The supportive one-on-one, custom-tailored mentorship program focuses on areas in which you’re seeking improvement, whether that’s cueing, sequencing, or developing your physical teaching presence. Additionally, the program helps you navigate the business of yoga and teaches you how to practice self-care. You’ll further your initial knowledge from your yoga teacher training, refine your skills, improve your confidence, and learn how to start your career as a professional yoga teacher. 

 What's included

  • Eight weeks of one-hour, weekly coaching calls.

  • Ongoing email support.

  • Weekly homework assignments to refine your skills.

  • Ability to choose specific topics in which you’re seeking more knowledge or improvement.


This mentorship program is tailored to you and your goals. Whether you want to spend six minutes or six weeks on refining your cueing, we can make that happen.  The curriculum will follow a loose structure with room for you to determine what you want out of the entirety of the program.

You have the option to choose whether you want to focus on refining a specific skill or covering a wider breadth of knowledge. The program can cover eight weeks’ worth of the following topics:

 1. Teaching refinement

  • Cueing and language - you’ll learn how to use concise language, speak clearly, and use words that evoke feelings so that your students understand your instructions without you having to physically demonstrate every pose.

  • Vocal and physical presence -  you’ll learn how to further develop your presence by adjusting your voice and tone, as well as how to skillfully place your body in the class for the best vantage point of your students.

  • Sequencing - learn how to plan and execute intentional sequences for the following class types:

    • Full-spectrum classes: involves a little bit of everything to leave your students feeling balanced.

    • Key action classes: involves focussing on a specific key action in class, for example, shoulder stabilization in different weight bearing postures.

    • Peak pose classes: involves carefully choosing and sequencing postures leading up to a specific and challenging posture in order to safely prepare your students’ bodies.

    • Mood-oriented classes: involves theming a class around a specific chakra or bringing in a certain deity as a muse. This approach to teaching selects a posture sequence and teaching style that is intended to evoke a mood or experience physically, emotionally or spiritually.

 2. Self-care for the yoga teacher 

  • Learn how to develop personal and professional boundaries with other teachers and students.

  • Learn your limits of what you can take on, and how to say no.

  • Learn how to find your ideal students and teaching gigs.

 3. The business of yoga

  • Understand your role as a yoga teacher, the scope of your practice, and how to create a network of professionals who you can refer people to (physiotherapists, counsellors, bodyworkers, etc.).

  • Refine your personal brand with guidance from Riley Webster, communications and branding strategist.

  • Learn how to source and apply for insurance.

  • Gain tools to manage your finances as a self-employed teacher.


The eight-week, one-on-one mentorship program costs $440.00.

With similar mentorship programs costing over of $800.00, you’re saving 50% of the regular cost.


Step 1: Fill out the application form

Step 2: Next, submit a five-minute video application. Show us who you are, why you want to participate in the project, and what you hope to gain from the mentorship. Have fun with it!

Step 3: Once we’ve received your written and video applications, we’ll contact you for a chemistry call. This will help us get to know each other and determine if we’re the right fit for each other. 

Step 4: Our panel will evaluate your applications and choose the recipient of the Pay it Forward Project mentorship program. 

Applications are presently closed.

Want to know when the next round opens up? 

Give us your details & we'll be sure to let you know when the opportunity to level-up in your yoga career presents again!

Nelson, BC, Canada

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