February 14 - Your 15 Day, 

From Home Yoga Challenge Begins

You've been following me (maybe).

Watching me create content in the form of video & audio practices.

Short little chipmunk-sped up snippets of my own home practice.

And this Valentines Day you are ready to give yourself (and maybe also your loved one) the gift of yoga, meditation and more right from the comfort of your own home.

I'm calling it a challenge. Mostly because that's a big buzz word in the online yoga world.

'Challenge' suggests some level of difficulty. Perhaps it's a 'challenge' for you to commit to yourself for 15 days in a row. To find the time. To make it happen. But it's all about what you make it.

I'm here to cheer you on regardless.


Oh, and it's only $5 to join.


Here's the scoop on what you'll get:


  • A daily meditation break

    • This is a guided meditation in the form of an audio recording that you can do anywhere, at any time of day. It will be short and sweet - 5 minutes or less

  • A daily free flow yoga practice

    • In the form of a short and sweet little video, this will be either a quick full body stretch and release, or a specific key action or pose practice - 15 minutes or less

  • Daily motivation, quotes, and journal prompts - to support you and keep you coming back

  • Exclusive access to a private facebook group that we can all gather, chat and where I'll be checking in regularly for you to ask me any questions that may arise

  • A sweet little discount on a private yoga package or teacher mentorship program, should you wish to take advantage.​​


Did I mention it was only 5 bucks?

Nelson, BC, Canada

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