Yoga teacher training FAQ

Why the price?


We are priced a little bit higher because you get a few extra days of training than the average training. You also get your accommodation in our beautiful lake house included in the price, with one other roommate max. And, there are one or two private rooms available.


That said, accessible education is important to us. We offer one partial scholarship per program. This can be applied for by contacting us and first discussing your eligibility.



What should you expect regarding overall program structure and schedule?


So that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, here’s the full program schedule (subject to a little bit of change in the name of going with the flow).



What about days off?


On your days off, you’re welcome to go wherever and do whatever you need to recharge.

We’re right on the water, so you can chill at the beach or hang in the trees. There’s a waterfall nearby if you’re into hiking and picnicking.


Here are some other things you could get up to:


The famous Ainsworth Hostprings are a shorty drive down the road.

The Kaslo River Trail is another amazing spot to spend part of the day and maybe enjoy lunch in town afterward.

Weather dependant, you could check out Cody Caves or the Kokanee Glacier.

Trek into Nelson for some great food or stay the night and check out some of the great live music that’s always happening.

Go home and/or connect with your loved ones for a couple of days.


There are no rules. It’s completely up to you.
Nelson, BC, Canada

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