April 25 - May 22, 2020

200 HR Free Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Finally, a yoga teacher training that’ll make you feel confident to actually teach -- fresh outta’ school.

This thorough, playful, and experiential 28-day immersive training takes place in a retreat-like, waterfront setting at the Lake House. You’ll wake up beside Kootenay Lake, take in mountain views, and explore all things yoga, meditation and movement in a small group of like-minded, aspiring teachers.

Basically, it’s a life changing yoga teacher training vacay & self-realization deep dive.

I know there are a billion yoga teacher trainings out there to choose from, so I'll get straight to the point:

This isn’t your average yoga teacher training.

This is an intimate training experience; one that goes above and beyond to deliver a little extra.
It’s a course that sets you up for the ultimate success as a professional yoga teacher, which is why you're spending a few more days learning than most
200 HR trainings offer.

Why this training is different:


Yes, we are a Yoga Alliance Accredited 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training, but you'll spend more time on topics that aren't covered as much in other teacher trainings, like:

Class planning, sequencing and how to cue movement clearly and concisely (so your students actually put their hands and feet where you want them to).

Teaching yoga for mental health and wellness (i.e. anxiety, stress, and all that emotional stuff so many of us are walking around with). Also, you’ll learn how to be sensitive to your students’ needs and boundaries around this topic.

The business of yoga and how to be a kick-ass yoga teaching professional.

The ethics of being a yoga teacher and creating solid boundaries.

How to develop the best self-care practices ever. For you. Whether you’re into hot bubble baths, a good dry martini or a long walk on the beach finished with a personal yoga and meditation practice, you’ll learn how to cultivate a self-care routine that helps you thrive rather than burnout.


What I bring to the table:




Before I became a yoga teacher, I taught an instructor program at a private college for 5 years. Sure, I was training scuba diving instructors, but honestly, teaching methodology has a lot of similarities across the board.


Before that, I taught swimming and lifeguarding for years. So in total, I have over 15 years of teaching experience.


So what? Why is this relevant to you?


Because I spent several years at a private college developing curriculums and teaching these instructor programs, I've got a pretty good idea of what makes a good one, and also what might be nice but not necessary. So we’ll skip that stuff.


And, as the educational nerd that I am, I've spent years in many yoga teacher trainings and other professional development myself, so I'm always asking myself what we can be doing better.

I bring in expert content, resources and even a guest teacher or two where my expertise is still growing. This training covers all of the standard topics and hour requirements set out by the Yoga Alliance (you can read about exactly what they are here), as well as the topics I’m passionate about, such as mental wellness, functional movement, the business and ethics of teaching yoga, self-care practices, and more.

  • You value simple, fluid, breath-centred yoga practices.
    • Free Flow Yoga favours functional, vinyasa-inspired movement over grandiose shapes and complicated transitions.

  • You want to learn meditation, pranayama and yoga that emphasizes nervous system regulation, functional movement and safe alignment
    • - in that order, and above all else.

  • You value intimate class sizes and a course limited to 8 people
    • so that you can get more one-on-one time with your instructor.

  • You want practice teaching real yoga classes
    • so that you’re super confident to teach once you graduate and enter the world as a certified yoga teacher.

  • You’re more curious about the real world application of teaching yoga versus philosophy and history.
    • We will absolutely still cover that good stuff, because it's important to know and honour where the ancient practice of yoga comes from, but you will spend more time on developing teaching skills and applying yoga practices to day-to-day life than studying the birth charts of the yoga sages.

  • You want continued support post-training with a resource library chock-full of resources.
    • I'm talking sample class plans, teaching tips, tutorials and more. Here's an example.

  • You value education and nerd out on learning the methodology behind everything,
    • including what you’re teaching, how to teach it well, and why you're teaching it.

  • You want to dive deep into sequencing, class planning, functional anatomy and alignment.
  • You want to fully immerse yourself in an educational experience at a remote location on Kootenay lake
    • with sweeping views of the mountains, forests to explore, and waterfalls to chill next to.


P.S. - Even if you have no intention to ever teach yoga, yogis take teacher trainings all the time as a way to deepen their personal practice. This could be you, too.

  • You want to get in and out of training as quickly as possible.
    • We have intentionally made this training a bit longer so that we can deliver you more goods without making our days exhaustingly long (check out a sample day-in-the-training schedule here).

  • You’re seeking an uber spiritual experience.
    • Believe me, we will go deep. Your beliefs about yourself, your community and how we approach mental health and wellness in the western world today will be challenged. This will start with you and how you experience it. But, we will spend more time on practical application, discussion and experiential training than we will on prayer or chakra exploration.

  • You’re interested in learning lots of arm balances, complex postures and Instagram-worthy yoga poses.
    • You will learn how to safely practice some of the more challenging shapes. You’ll definitely learn how to teach them and prepare your future student’s bodies to practice them. But, this isn’t where we’ll start or spend most of our time. As mentioned before, we favour the simple, functional and mental-health regulating practices over the pretzel-like poses.

  • You want a catered experience with meals provided.
    • We have a large communal kitchen. Plenty of fridge space will be available to you and a great small-town strip with all of your grocery shopping needs is just down the road. We’re doing this family style for a month together - if that’s not your jam, this training probably isn't for you.

  • You want the cheapest 200 HR Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training on the market.
    • More on why this training is priced the way it is in the FAQ section​.

And on another note, this training is NOT for you, if:

Starting to feel like yoga teacher training could be for you?


Here’s what a few rad yogis who have trained with me have had to say

“Jen is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced instructor. She was able to explain things in easy to understand terms and provided a supportive and fun environment that helped with ease of learning. I'm confident that with the training Jen provided I can safely and effectively lead others.”


~Danielle Allen

"I had so much fun and learned so much from Jen Craig-Evans by adding this course to my resume. So much fun. You will learn much more than you expect...

I was blown away at her professionalism and of course her warm and calming teaching skills! Highly recommend this course and Jen as a mentor and leader! Can't wait to see you Jen!"


~Michele Shorter

“This training was exactly what was outlined plus so much more! Jen has a real grasp of what it takes to provide a well-rounded training and makes herself available for support even after the training dates have needed. She draws from her years of experience to provide everything you will need to know to confidently embark on your own paddleboard journey. This training was unlike other trainings that I have attended because it is truly a catalyst for setting a high standard in teacher trainings that cover practicing and teaching in a safe, fun, and effective manner. This is without a question the training to attend if you would like to further your knowledge, your skill set, and gain confidence to teach.”


~Jen Wyles

Ready to take the plunge and change your life?


28 days of yoga teacher training, tuition + accommodation starting at $4,800

Only 8 spaces available.

*payment plans available starting at $625/month for 8 months

Here’s the thing: we don’t just accept anyone who’s willing to slap down their credit card.
We want to make sure we’re a good fit for you, and that you’re a good fit for the program so that you can get the most out of your yoga teacher training and jive with the rest of the group.
Before you pay us a cent, fill out the application below.
Once we receive it, we’ll reach out to you within 48 hours to book a ‘chemistry call.’ This is a chance for you to ask any questions we didn’t address and make sure the training is right for you.
This way, by the time you do pay your tuition, you’ll know you made the right choice and are up for the adventure of a lifetime.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Not ready to commit just yet?


Fair enough. It’s a big decision.


But if you want to stay in the loop and receive regular tips and tricks to deepen your yoga practice and maybe ultimately teach it, sign up below.

Have more questions?

Check out our Free Flow YTT FAQ page

Wondering if the Free Flow Yoga Teacher Training is right for you?


It’s for you, if:

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